Welcome to Excelsior Media Studios, Inc. We have recently changed our business direction to focus on the internal development of our product lines rather than contract work for others. We will continue to honor and work with our existing clients as needed, but as of this time we won't be accepting any new clients. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Below you can find more information about ETGiRC, EnterTheGame, and our Portfolio.

Introducing ETGiRC, the Internet Relay Chat Client of the Future! It's not just another chat client, some small upgrade/change, or some feature added to IRC. It is a complete shift in IRC, in what we see, in how we use it, in what it offers us, and in how we interact and experience it

Among it's many features, the most awaited one is the introduction of Customized Chat Rooms. In much the same way Companies, Organizations, and Clans have customized web pages, they will now be able to customize the look and feel of their chat rooms now too!

Add custom graphics, add buttons to download, play games, or get help, add built-in RSS Feeds to keep chat room visitors updated and much more.

Add to this, built-in games with an open development platform, and the ability to find and play external FPS games with the built-in Game Query System, you have something that is unlike any other chat software. You can find a lot more information about this exciting new product from EMS, Inc. on the "features" pages of its website, or by seeing the promotional video at http://www.etgirc.com/.



EnterTheGame ( a non-profit division of EMS, Inc.)

Founded in early 1999, EnterTheGame (ETG) was established to offer Video Gaming Enthusiasts a better place to gather and chat, setup matches, and meet new and friendly people on-line. In addition, The ETG Network also offers many game related community driven sites among many other services to the gaming community.

Within its first 6 months, EnterTheGame excelled to become the Leading Gaming Chat Network in all of America. This was accomplished through hard work, attention to detail, and a dedication to provide the best service possible. ETG is the primary provider of on-line chat services to many On-Line Gaming Tournaments, Websites, MODs, and Organizations.

ETG's unfailing attitude and superior approach to service has earned it a place in many peoples hearts and minds as the best gaming network around. ETG remains in a dominant position by continually expanding on its vast services and offerings that have helped set it apart from all others. Now serving over 3 million people a month, ETG surpasses all expectations and will continue to do so in the years to come.  ~  http://www.enterthegame.com/

Excelsior Media Studios has been in business for over a decade. While there is no way we could showcase everything we have ever made or done, we do have a page with a sampling of some of our work.

Likewise we suggest you might refer to the ETGiRC and EnterTheGame websites as well for good examples of our work.


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