There are many choices that will take you into the digital age, but only one that will take you beyond. Paying close attention to the concepts and details in your visions and identifying your needs and priorities will help us bring you high quality and cost effective results. 

We specialize in making your dreams and ideas into realities.

Within this gallery you will see a small selection of examples and information of some of the many projects we have done. We hope you will give us the opportunity to work with you on whatever your needs are as well.

Cleveland Agora Historical Music Archive Kiosk
Application Development / Web Design / Digital Media
Developed for Western Reserve Historical Society &
The Cleveland Agora

We were approached with a once in a lifetime project. The Cleveland Agora was turning 40 years old and was opening up and donating concert music archives of live performances recorded over the years that hadn't seen the light of day in decades. Many groups before they hit it big, and made names for themselves, were given good breaks by the Agora which played a key role in helping them get exposure and in making them popular.

As part of this donation, rather than the music just sitting in the W.R.H.S.'s archive warehouses, a way to listen to the music and preserve it for current and future generations was desired. Our task was to design software for kiosks that would allow the performances to be heard in totality or for users to be able to jump directly to the concert song they wanted to hear. We implemented introductions where the bands talk before playing and many other features including sorting by name or dates, alternating pictures during playback, and the ability to read musical biographies while listening to a group. In addition to all of the years of music recordings and our work on that, the Agora also had video recordings of 6 performances at the Agora, as well as original music videos of groups from decades ago many of which had long since been lost. So we developed functionality to view the videos as well.

This was a collaborative project where we worked with the preservation and archive experts at the W.R.H.S. as well as a Music Studio that specialized in restoring old magnetic tape to usable form again. They had to bake the tape in some cases just to be able to read it one time before the music contained on it was gone forever. We established media conversion standards and developed all of the client and backend software for the Kiosks as well as the database, cataloging system, and graphics. We also took the lead in organizing and co-coordinating the teams of music analysts and data entry personnel from both the Agora and the W.R.H.S in naming and adding the different music from the archives into our system as well as tracking the performance lists to make sure nothing was lost in the shuffle. All in all this was a very rewarding and fun project to be involved with.

David Copperfield Tickets/Posters
Digital Media - Produced for Global Star Productions

We were asked to create platinum V.I.P. tickets for David Copperfield's 'YOU' Tour in Europe/Asia. These tickets will be limited edition prints, which means in the future they would become collectors items. The client was looking for something similar to what we did with the Lord of the Dance tickets. However, to us, the true magic of David Copperfield is best symbolized and portrayed in his eyes and his hand movements. You just can't get that from a full length picture that is zoomed out. After explaining this to the client they agreed, and we went ahead with our vision for this ticket.

We took a clipping from his performance in this tour, zoomed in and cropped the picture to his upper body. But he was still too far away to actually get the same feeling you get in person. So we re-sampled the image and zoomed in more to concentrate more on his face. We had to nudge one of his arms into sight a tad more as his hand was getting cut off. We also added some blue mist to help bring back the whole mystery and mystical wonders that the audience experiences during his performance. In the end we came out with this ticket; one that both we and the client were very happy with. We feel it really portrays the True Magic of David Copperfield.

Application Development / Game Development / Web Design / Digital Media

Our flagship product, ETGiRC completely changes how people see and use a large segment of the internet. It takes a popular text-only medium used by millions daily, that has existed since the 1980s, and updates it into the 21st century with the ability to customize Chat Rooms' graphics and layout, add RSS Feeds, Textual Graphics, MOTDs, Skins, Games, a Game Browser, and much more. To read or see more about ETGiRC click here.


Intranet and Applications
Application Development / Web Design - Developed for MGT DS

One big question we get asked a lot is if an Intranet is really that important for a modern company to have or not. We specialize in creation of Intranets and Intranet Applications for an important reason, while an Intranet generally won't generate money for your company, by using it to streamline communication, facilitate collaboration, and providing function that relieves manual labor it can definitely save your employees a lot of time and hence money. Couple that with the ability to reduce errors, tasks/information getting lost in the shuffle somewhere, and in increasing accountability of employees, they can be quite valuable to a company if implemented properly.

MGT approached us with some very broad business wish lists, we worked with them to not only form them into tangible ideas and action plans, but also in dividing them into 4 different logical phases to help with initial costs. MGT had unique needs as they had both internal sales staff as well as external commission based sales staff. As such, one of the most important items was a contact management system that allowed them to store all customer and company contacts in one safe place, while allowing the sales reps to only access to their own contacts and not see or be able to contact another rep's contacts. From there, they wanted a way to track the daily work the sales staff did, including what leads they contacted and for what purpose.

MGT also wanted an RFQ system that the materials the customers requested would be entered into, including the cost, quoted amount, and margins of the items. The RFQ system would then save all the information to its SQL backend, and create a special formatted itemized letterhead Excel file for delivery to the customer. Lastly they wanted a company wide calendar, message board, and a place to store company files. In the end, EMS stepped up to the plate with a great phased solution that met all of MGT's needs and helped them accomplish their goals.

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Employee Time Sheets with Job Costing and Great Plains Integration
Application Development / Web Design - Developed for AFL Network Services

This project pushed the limits as to what one could actually create as an Intranet Application and utilized the most cutting edge DHTML/Web features of the day. Couple that with a powerful backend that was built and direct integration into Enterprise level Great Plains Accounting Software and you had one challenging project.

This project allowed all employees that were hourly or that were paid via costing to enter timesheets. Upon entry they would specify what the hours of each day were used for, be it on specific billable jobs, or on administrative tasks. They could lookup the jobs and the cost codes upon entry. From there the persons supervisor would review the timesheets weekly and approve the hours spent. Once the supervisors submitted the timesheet approvals, the accounting department would go and perform a weekly batch process all of the timesheets. It would generate paychecks for people, generate costs to different jobs for billable hours, and cost other items out as well.

The system also kept track of the vacation and sick time allotments for each employee and allowed time to be claimed/subtracted for each. It calculated extra time for non-standard hours worked. All data was saved and reviews time stamped to an MS SQL backend, for later retrieval and look-up / review. All jobs and costs codes were dynamically loaded from the accounting system. Multiple data integrity checks got performed. Abilities for supervisors to manually enter time for employees in the field who had no computer access was also implemented.


Advanced Synchronous Worker Process System with Instant Messaging Interface
Application Development

Software generally runs via in-process stacks, as such all tasks get processed one by one in the order called. Other tasks get added to the end of the stack and don't get processed until the previous items in the stack complete. While servers are fast and this type of processing is rarely an issue, what happens if you have a requirement of several high availability tasks that can't wait on the other tasks in the stack to complete, that may take long periods of time to complete, and that need to be executed both simultaneously and immediately?

This server system offers a solution to all these requirements by implementing a Controller System that manages all tasks and offers complete control and monitoring of them. All TCP connections, data transmissions, and processing requests are handled by the Controller System. It launches various configurable out-of-process isolated Worker Processes, and divvies the processing requests to the Worker Process that handles each specific task, which then immediately return control back to the Controller System, rather than acting as a blocking-call.

As such, the Controller System is able to handle all transactions and pass the communications and data back and forth to the various Worker Processes with no blocking. For security, the Controller is basically establishing many virtual environments, exposing only specific abilities/options to each Worker, and keeping them isolated from one another and the server itself. The System also has stack queues for each Worker in case the task is required to be run by that specific Worker Process. Upon the Worker completing its current task, it will automatically start work on the next item in its respective stack.

In addition, the Controller System has many configurable options, from a name you can specify, to track each process better, and various quotas and alerts that can all be configured on a per Worker basis. These allow the Server Administrator to be alerted to problems where any Worker Process is over-utilizing server resources such as RAM or Processor for an extended period of time. It also implements Task Management allowing for the killing of hung processes, clean shutdowns or restarts of Workers, loading additional Workers on the fly etc.

Lastly, while most software can only be monitored from specific computers with management consoles installed, or the server console itself, this system sends Alerts out instantly where all of the Tech Staff of the organization responsible can view the Alerts and problems instantly enabling quick response times. A built-in Instant Messaging Interface allows Server Administrators to check on the status of or manage all of the Managed Worker Services, from any internet enabled computer or cell-phone. The text it outputs is formatted in such a way as to allow for quick identification of problems. The system will also automatically text message/page the configured Administrators' phones in case of certain critical Alerts.

Video Games
Game Development / Digital Media

The above is a small sampling of some of the Video Games we have created. Some are multi-player over the internet with built-in game finding lobbies, ranking systems, and chat functions, others are single player games.

Employee Contact Database
Application Development - Developed for Shawnee

Shawnee's HR department had a need for a way to track all of their employees information from SSNs, addresses, wages, review dates etc. In addition they also wanted to track information on all the contract jobs they worked on and be able to add notes about that employees performance on them. Likewise they wanted to record all contact they had with those employees via phone etc. Lastly they wanted the ability for reports of all kinds from active/inactive employees, to wages, to i9s and the ability to export them with Excel. EMS stepped up to the plate to create this application for them that handles all of this and more in a very user friendly package. It took but a few minutes of training and they were up and ready to dive right in working with it.

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HelpDesk / Support Ticketing System
Application Development - Developed for Tele-Tech, Inc.

TTC needed a more advanced way to track and process all support calls to the I.S. Department. Enter the HelpDesk 2.0. This system provided all of the functionality of the first version where a ticket is submitted, assigned to a tech for resolution, all information recorded etc. However, it improved upon it in many ways with support tickets now getting sub-tickets called work-order tickets that get assigned off to a tech. What this allowed for is for an umbrella ticket and multiple steps or tasks being divided out to technicians that could best deal with those elements of the support call. All of the work-orders had their own history and time/progress tracking, and the main support ticket's status encompassed all of those below it. This advanced system made heavy use of cutting edge DHTML, CSS, and other technologies all written in ASP with an MS SQL backend. Employees could check the status of their support requests at any time providing increased accountability, and managers had access to only see the support tickets of the employees who reported directly to them. Add to this increased reporting, data recording, trends, ticket categories, and sp much more and this tool proved to be a huge success for TTC.

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Targeted Sales Mass Marketing Mailer
Application Development - Developed for MGT DS

MGT had started mass mailing some of their customers from outlook and discovered a number of issues resulted from this. First and foremost the legal implications, by law they have to provide an unsubscribe option on emails, and opt-in or opt-out procedures to comply. The biggest issue actually affecting business however was in how sending out mass mail from outlook to hundreds or thousands of customers completely locked out the sending pc, bogged down their internet connection for hours, bogged down their mail server for hours, an placed huge requirements on the customers mail servers and the customers themselves some of which were on dialup and were being forced to download a 1-10meg email. Couple that with the fact those emails were not customized for each recipient, and were automatically blocked by most anti-spam filters it just wasn't an effective way to let their customers know of specials and deals they had going on at that time.

Enter EMS with a state of the art system that addressed all of those issues. To solve the mail server issue, the internet connection issue, and the complaints by recipients about large emails, the new system hosted all images and attachments on a web server so rather than a large email being sent to each client, only a very small HTML email that would take mere seconds to send/download would be sent and their pc would only have to download the images or attachments if they clicked to view the email or the attachments. To solve the computer from getting bogged down, the Intranet server would be the one to also do all of the sending from the user's email address. Lastly, to address the legal concerns we raised, we added an opt-out / unsubscribe system.

To further expand functionality we designed the system to provide multiple email templates for how the emails sent would look. They ranged from a standard email look, to one with letterhead, to one for specials etc. We developed the system to provide targeted rather than bulk marketing. They could target specific industries, states, and individual companies or individuals to receive each email being sent. We developed email customization keywords where certain keywords would automatically get replaced in a customized way for each email from the customer's first name, full name, and company name to a number of other replaceable keywords as well. All of this made it appear as if the email received was customized just for that person and their respective needs. Lastly we added the ability to easily upload images, attachments, and create product price lists for inclusion as well.

This system actually was such a huge success, that it not only allowed our client to keep it's customers up to date better than ever, but it brought them new sales and business with each mailing. In fact the President of the company even stated that this one system alone did the work of 3-4 sales representatives.

Advanced Server Monitor / Dynamic DNS Load Balancing Server
Application Development - Developed for EnterTheGame

This server system has been an amazing and beyond useful server tool for ETG. All servers and hubs are added to the system and items defined for each one such as the max load wanted to be used on it, what geographical regions should use that server, and some other information. It then continuously monitors and polls all of those servers and hubs every 15-30 seconds. Among the data it collects from each one is the servers latency, load, and bandwidth utilization. From this data, it computes the best servers for each DNS look-up zone to direct people to.

It determines this by an advanced mathematical formula that takes into account all of the above polled information. Servers with higher latency or load etc it will go to the back of the list, and those with the best results will be the first servers people are directed to for the best possible experience. In cases where contact is lost with the server or the latency exceeds a given threshold the server is immediately pulled from service and appropriate support staff alerted to the outage.

This server system has automated a process that would have required staff on hand 24/7/365 to monitor and redirect traffic to different servers in case of outages. Likewise how it constantly monitors and directs people to the best server at any given moment is something that a human couldn't even realistically accomplish on their own. This server system has actually been so effective that we always are aware of network blips and outages long before the ISPs, Backbones, and Co-location facilities are. We get notified of issues instantly and if the issues don't self correct we are normally the first to call them about the issue long before others even realize it exists.

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Intranet and Applications
Web Design / Graphic Design / Application Development
Developed for Tele-Tech Company, Inc.

This project was as much fun as it was work (we like it that way). Tele-Tech wanted a centralized place to store and share information. Everything from company news to employee manuals to other information. In addition to that they wanted some custom applications to help streamline processes within the company to save time and money for its employees. They wanted this all done in an easy and user friendly way (our specialty). With most of their employees not being very technically inclined they needed it not only easy to use but easy to learn. Our solution was a great one that satisfied all of their needs. We enlisted the help of Merlin the Magician. He interacted with the users with everything from greetings, to helping describe what to do next and how to do it, and all the way down to wishing them happy birthdays on them and telling them jokes at times. He interacted with the users in a friendly way and became their guide to the use of the intranet and hence helped with the learning curve and productivity.

One of the many intranet applications developed for this was a New-Hire system. Whenever a new employee was to come on, it would be entered there including what job they would have and what they would need to do that job (business cards, phone, fax machine, laptop or desktop computer, id badge, what software they needed etc.) The system would then generate e-mails out to all of the different people in charge of the various parts. All of those parts need to come together before the start date so the new hire would have no downtime on the first day, and this provided a way to collaborate on it. The system would be updated as they got each part done allowing the supervisor, of the new hire, to check its status and make sure it all was moving along and was ready for the new employee to come on. 

One of the other intranet applications showcased above is the HelpDesk application. This allowed the end-users (employees) a facility to enter in requests for help, be it a problem with their computer, needing some software installed, or needing technical support etc. They could enter the problem and it would enter it into a database to be directed to and worked on by a technician. The employees and their managers could then go back and check on the status of their help requests. Merlin the magician was also integrated into this application to help people learn to use it. You can see in the pictures above, how he doesn't just give directions but also moves to the various buttons and items people need to fill out or click on and would point giving them additional instructions.

Overall this was a fun project with great results. The real winners with it were the company's employees.

Lord of the Dance Tickets / Posters
Digital Media - Produced for Global Star Productions

We were asked to create platinum V.I.P. tickets for a tour of Lord of the Dance in Europe/Asia. Because these were to be limited edition prints, they were expected to be memorabilia and collectors items. While the information on the ticket is the most important thing to our client, we realized the most important thing to the purchasers would be the memories brought back by the ticket. Knowing this we wanted to make a ticket that helped bring back the raw emotions they experienced in the live performance. We decided there was no better way to accomplish this than to focus on the lord himself. So we knew we had to have the important information on the ticket but in a way that doesn't interfere with the background. We worked around his image to get a perfect integration of the two in this very smooth and seamless ticket.


Advanced Server Power Management System
Application Development

This centralized Management System monitors the UPS Battery Banks for all of the servers in the server room. It provides both alert notification and management abilities for all of the servers. By centralizing the monitoring and management, rather than having each server with it's own monitoring and management, we increase response time to outages by making notification of the outages more streamlined, and we are able to centrally issue commands to all or selected servers from one interface, rather than having to login to each server.

When a power outage or issue occurs, the system can be configured to automatically perform tasks at set power level intervals. For example rather than powering off a server completely at first sign of an outage, you may want to just instruct certain critical services to wind down and save their work, terminate certain services, change DNS Entries to direct Internet traffic to alternate servers or locations not affected by the outage, or many other configurable tasks.

Lastly, while most software can only be monitored from specific computers with management consoles installed, or the server console itself, this system sends Alerts out instantly where all of the Tech Staff of the organization responsible can view the Alerts and problems instantly enabling quick response times. A built-in Instant Messaging Interface allows Server Administrators to check on the status of or manage the system from any internet enabled computer or cell-phone. The text it outputs is formatted in such a way as to allow for quick identification of problems. The system will also automatically text message/page the configured Administrators' phones in case of certain critical Alerts.

Secure Reportability Access Rights System
Application Development / Web Design

To improve upon access rights and restrictions for the Intranet we developed a digital form of the company organizational chart. This allowed the authentication and security systems to better know what applications you should have access to as well as what information you should be able to view, edit, and run reports of.

This was implemented within all software, where each person was restricted to seeing the information of only themselves and anyone not just reporting to them but recursively reporting to those who reported to those below them etc. So if you were a lone employee, you would only see your own information. If you were a supervisor you would see yours and have access to see the information of all of those reporting to you. If you were a director, you could see information for the many branches of employees reporting to your supervisors. Likewise alerts of problems, abuse, new hire information would recursively travel up the chain of the command automatically to superiors. This security and access system proved to be one of the most cutting-edge systems developed.


MGT Website
Web Design/Digital Media - Designed for MGT Diversified Solutions, LLC

MGT DS was a new company and needed a website fast that was both flashy and got their business message to their prospective clients effectively. This initial website was a huge success, and helped the company's marketing efforts not only succeed but also helped to emphasize that they were a disabled veteran owned business with the clever use of the flag in the web design. This site was optimized to use pure HTML/CSS/DHTML in the display and not rely on require the user to download/install flash. The menu on the left was however animated, when you hover you mouse over an option the yellow bar would slide up or down behind the menu text to the appropriate hovered option. This was accomplished via the use of client side coding, DHTML, and transparent / layered images.

ManPower / Toyota Hours Calculator
Application Development - Developed for ManPower & Toyota

ManPower, one of the main work force suppliers for Toyota,  needed a quick way to calculate the overall hours employees worked as they clocked in and out at non-standard and varying times and took various lengths of time off for lunch on a day to day basis. Enter EMS with the solution. A quick application that allowed them to tab enter the written timesheets, it would calculate the total hours subtracting off the lunch for each employee, and then it would save the data to a batch data-file for import/use with their accounting software.


Subcontractor System
Application Development - Developed for AFL Network Services

With needing installer forces everywhere for projects around the United States, the only real solution is to be able to subcontract out that work for areas where you don't have a work force of your own stationed. This subcontractor system was developed to provide a way to add different contractors the company would do business with to a massive database, list their pricing for different elements of a project, list their skill sets, what states they operate in, list their certifications, EHS policies/status, and provide the project managers a way to quickly search through the list of approved subcontractors in a specific region based upon skill and price criteria to find the best contractor for each respective job. This helped streamline the subcontractor process for jobs and saved costs by helping compare all contractors in an area to find the best price and skill set for each job.

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Intranet Backend and Maintenance System
Application Development / Web Design / Graphic Design
Developed for Woodson Bend Resort

Woodson Bend Resort was looking to move forward into the 21st century and switch off some paper systems to some more effective electronic ones that would help streamline the processes of different WBR departments. We performed a full assessment of all systems and procedures as well as talked to many staffers to ask how procedures could be improved or optimized. We submitted a large list of recommendations and ideas to improve upon current methods and processes. From there came the development of an Intranet Backend and a Maintenance System to track all repair requests made to their maintenance department.

The Maint System has been a huge success and has allowed them to track how many requests units are making,  the status of those requests,  how well different maintenance staff or teams are accomplishing those tasks, how long it is taking those tasks to be completed, and it has overall provided them with more accessible information to better respond to the needs of all of their unit owners.

Egypt With Love Series
Digital Media - Produced for Agora Promotions

This small series offered a unique challenge. Not only was it being made for a huge musical entourage, but in making it, we wanted to instill in the pictures some of what people uniquely identify with Egypt and symbolize peace in doing so. Not only that, but because this is not taking place in the United States, we wanted to also express the meaning in the native Arabic language and also link it to Egypt's ancient hieroglyphic language. With our creativity working overtime and many revisions later, we came up with this duo which astounded both our clients and ourselves. These pictures were placed on many things including backdrops, posters, and t-shirts.

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Internet Software Installer
Application Development / Digital Media
Developed for Exchange Net

Before Internet Explorer became the standard for everything and came pre-bundled with computers and the IE package deployment wizard for ISPs, when an ISP wanted to bundle software to make it easy for their customers to get up and running on the Internet fast and easy they needed their own custom software installer. An installer that packaged all of the various software items, educated the users to the installable options, let the users pick from the installable items, and that would install the software easily.

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Machine Management System
Application Development

One major issue within any large enterprise is how to know at any time what all of the computers in your organization have in terms of ram, hard drive space, and software installed so that you can better manage the desktops and software deployment. Also it is important to know where all of the computers are in terms of what employee they are assigned to, what office they are located at, if they are in storage, or if they are retired. This machine management system kept all of this information about all computers within the organization and made it completely searchable.

If a new piece of software was coming out, the tech staff could see what computers did not meet the minimum specs for the software, so that the technicians could address those issues. Likewise, when a new version or security update for a piece of software came out, the tech staff knows what machines they have to go update it on. Every desktop and server within the organization was assigned a Computer ID for tracking purposes. All computers could be tracked by location, storage, or employee assigned to it. Full history on every computer was kept, from each person who had it, to what software was installed and when, to what upgrades were performed on it and when. Plus with the very advanced reporting capabilities, the tech staff could build complex search queries to get special reports allowing them to keep them ahead of the curve.

Engineering Time Logging System
Application Development / Web Design - Developed for Tele-Tech Company, Inc.

TTC had a need to be able to accurately bill the time of their engineers to different jobs and administrative cost centers. The Engineering Time Log was a virtual time sheet allowing them to account for and bill thier time to appropriate contract jobs or internally to other departments within the company. The system saved all time related data to an MS SQL backend, and provided advanced reporting to the managers for review and also to the accounting department so that the time could be billed to the appropriate contracts/jobs.

Terminal Server Login Monitor
Application Development - Developed for ExchangeNet

ExchangeNet, the largest ISP in N.E. Ohio at the time, had a major issue they needed a solution to. Their dial-up and isdn lines were being abused by certain individuals and it was costing them dial-up ports and hence money. The terminal servers, while preventing people from logging in multiple times to themselves had no way to prevent someone from logging into different servers as well and hence users were able to share accounts with others so long as each person called in on different phone banks. They wanted a solution to this.

To further complicate things, dual channel isdn customers would still need the ability to login to multiple terminal servers where nobody else should be able to. In addition, they wanted to enforce a auto-hang up time of 8 hours on most users but not on their dedicated clients. Lastly they wanted a way to be able to lock out accounts effective for all terminal servers instantaneously. With their needs clearly identified we went to work on a solution.

We created a user management system where they could define which users were dedicated (not to be disconnected) which ones paid for multi-port access (could have more then one connection) and which ones were canceled accounts. We also made an easily configurable system to add terminal servers and their login/administrative information. Our server application, once started, connected via TCP over the Internet to the various terminal servers in various cities, authenticated, issued commands to the devices to query the connected user lists, interpreted the responses, compiled abuse lists, disconnected abusive users, and alerted the corporate account manager to the abuses for billing reasons. Overall the application worked great and both saved and made money for the client.

Call Detail Recorder / Reporting
Application Development - Developed for Tele-Tech Company, Inc.

While the above screenshot of the recorder may look simple, its function and value were anything but that. The simple screen you see above is a server service. It's not something a user sees but something that runs in the backend on a server. What this service does is integrate into a large Meridian telephone bank system and record information about all incoming and outgoing phone calls. It calculated time spent on the calls, who called where, and who received calls and where from. It then saves all that data off to an MS SQL database for reporting.

A user front-end accessible via an Intranet Application then generated reports to management that showed which employees were over utilizing the phones for personal calls and calculated out long distance costs by employees. Overall this saved the company money from abuses and fostered higher productivity. One further bonus was it allowed tracking of other long call and cost abuses not related to employees as well. It discovered some automated modem banks that auto-dial to perform data transactions were not hanging up properly. As a result they were costing the company tens of thousands of dollars in extra long distance/phone usage charges. The monetary savings provided by this project really proved it to be a successful one.


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EggMan - An EggDrop Bot Manager
Application Development

Back in the mid 90s a popular medium of the internet, IRC, had just hit it really big. The problem was the networks that ran this medium really had no real support/management structures for their users. As such the users of it were pretty much on their own to provide their own support/management. In order to do this a Unix program called a "Bot" was developed, the most popular of which was the "EggDrop Bot". These "bots" allowed individuals and companies to manage their online presence on this new medium and keep moderation and control of it.

The problem was, for larger organizations you needed a distributed network of these bots incase one shell ever went down or the servers they were on went down or split. Trying to manage a network of bots was very difficult. Worse yet Unix shells could be restarted, bot processes occasionally became runaway and killed or crashed, and on the shells that allowed cron access, crontab didn't always work properly to to keep them on-line.

Enter EggMan, this software allowed instant and easy management of an entire bot network, it allowed you to connect directly to the different shell for each bot to launch the bots by clicking a button, or it could connect to the shells and provide you a terminal to do other functions, it could connect directly to each bots partyline directly, it could automatically setup the crontab on the unix shell for the bots for you, or better yet it even had it's own internal crontab system to keep bots on-line. In its internal crontab system, it would automatically connect to the shells themselves, check the pid files, check the running processes and make sure the pid file isn't just a stale reminante, and then would restart the bots as needed all on a bot by bot user configurable time scale.


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